Raymore Peculiar Middle Schools Canine Classic

2021 — NSDA Campus, MO/US

Raymore-Peculiar Middle Schools Forensics and Debate Tournament 

The Canine Classic 

Raymore-Peculiar School District 

21005 S School Rd.

Peculiar, MO 64078

Dear Coach: 

Raymore-Peculiar Middle Schools cordially invite you to our Forensics and Debate tournament, The Canine Classic held Feb.22nd-26th 2021.  


Use this link to access our tournament page on Tabroom:

Website: http://rpmscanineclassic.tabroom.com

We will host Humorous Interp, Dramatic Interp, Duo Interp, Storytelling,Original Oratory, Impromptu, Prose, Poetry, Public Forum (Novice & Experienced) Debate.

***Impromptu quotes will be sent out on Friday, Feb 12th, at 8am. The tournament will depend on the individual coaches to uphold the integrity of the event. Choice, prep, and presentation will be shown in the video submission. 

***Duo competitors will be permitted to submit recordings as either Split-Screen or Same-Screen depending on ability and comfort.

Students will be allowed to enter 2 IE’s (Including Duo)

Small Schools (1-20 Entries Total) should provide 1 judge, Large Schools (21 or above Entries Total) should provide 2 judges.

**Entries will be limited if we cannot provide enough judges. 

Entries will cost $3 for IE’s and $6 for partnered events.

Award certificates for IEs will be awarded to 1st through 8th place. In debate, we will award certificates to the top eight teams/competitors. We will also award sweepstakes placings 1st-3rd. Please see the rules for more details. 

Tabroom will open for entries Monday, Feb 8th, at 2:45pm. The entry deadline is Wednesday, Feb 17th, at 11:55 PM. Asynchronous uploads are due by Thursday, Feb 18th, by 11:55pm. Please submit your entries on the Tabroom site. We will accept 5 entries in each event. 

Sincerely yours, 

Adam Segura, Ray-Pec East Middle School Forensics 

Kohl Garten, Ray-Pec East Middle School Debate

Jayme Overstreet, Ray-Pec South Middle School Forensics 

Rachel McClain, Ray-Pec South Middle School Debate 

Please Contact Adam Segura’s Cell Phone @ 913-633-4086 ASAP if you have debate drops on Thursday or Friday after 12:30 pm. 


Ray-Pec Middle Schools Canine Classic Tournament 

Time Schedule

Prerecorded (Asynchronous) Individual Events Schedule:

Monday, Feb. 22nd : Prelim rounds 1 & 2 Open at 8am 

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd : Prelim rounds 1 & 2 Closes at 8pm

Wednesday, Feb 24th : Finals Opens at 8am and Closes at 8pm

Live (Synchronous) Debate Schedule:

Thursday, Feb. 25th , 2021

2:45PM: Registration

4:00PM: Round 1 of Debate

Friday, Feb. 26th , 2021

4:00PM: Round 2 of Debate

6:00PM: Round 3 of Debate (Possible Power Ranking)

7:45PM: Semi Finals of Debate 

8:45PM: Finals of Debate 

Times are subject to change depending on technical or other potential issues. We appreciate your understanding and patience with this!

Virtual Information

1. Review Tabroom Manual: Please review the Tabroom manual here:


2. Review NSDA Campus Manual: Please review the NSDA Campus manual here:


3. Register and Link All Tournament Participants in Tabroom: All participants must have a Tabroom account. Please follow these instructions to create a Tabroom account: https://www.speechanddebate.org/creating-linking-account-tabroom/.

4. Asynch Video Uploads: Please have your students upload their performances by Thursday, February 18th.

5. We will be going by the MSHSAA Adopted Revisions for Virtual Competition document released by MSHSAA (i.e., pilot internet rules, extended prep time for debate, etc.).

6. Submitted competition videos should be “one take” with no editing or post-production and should follow all other MSHSAA Asynch Recording guidelines.

7. Please have all participants use Google Chrome as per NSDA Campus guidance.

8. Room Check-In Procedures: Please have debaters check in 30 minutes prior to the round when possible. Tournament staff will be monitoring each room.

9. Duo will offer both split screen and traditional style depending on what your

admin, students, and parents are comfortable with. They will compete in the same round.