2021 UHSAA 6A State

2021 — NSDA Campus, UT/US

Welcome to State Speech and Debate 2021!

Please ensure that you enter your entries in a timely manner.

Also, judges are necessary to ensure that the tournament runs smoothly, please get those in asap. They must be out of High School for at least one full year. Make sure that they are given instructions as to what events they will be doing.

Congress Judges: Please mark any that are qualified for parlimentarians.

Also, in the notes, mark if there are any that you have entered time conflicts with so we can double check tabroom.

Review the Event/Round Rules (contacting outside individuals, no recording of online rounds, observers in rooms, evidence, etc...) And go over the Honor code with them as well.

We will have an Ombudsman/Equity office during the tournament for any possible harrassment concerns, judge rule concerns, and to also help act in any allegations of rule violations, appeals, etc. The link will be provided on the tabroom pages for everyone. A waiting room  in the zoom will be used to monitor privacy and management. 

The schedule is posted here in the webpage on the right, along with judge training and the congress docket is posted here as well.

Please reach out to Kyle or I with any questions or concerns as early as possible so we can address them in a timely manner and make State run as smoothly as possible.

Kyle and Tanya