SVFL State Quals A Events

2021 — Online, CA/US



Update for Extemp this Saturday:  

IX topic areas: 
Round 1 - Europe 
Round 2 - Asia 
Semi-Finals - Africa and the Middle East 
Finals - The Americas 
NX topic areas:
Round I - Politics (People)
Round 2 - Economy, Social Issues, Controversy
Semi-Finals - Politics - Government emphasis
Finals - Science (Health), Technology, US Foreign Policy



Hey SVFL coaches, welcome to State Qauls A!  Please follow along in the instructions provided in the emails we have been sending so you are aware of all things tournament-related.  Some key points: 

1.  You must go online and register for your 'CHSSA Assessment Form'.  Once you receive it please then get an administrator signature (digitally, using a program such as Kami) and email it to Area 2 Chair Mikendra McCoy.  If this form is not to her, signed, by THIS Friday you will not be allowed to enter State Quals A. 


The form is located at (it is easy to click on in the email I sent as well):

Mikendra's email is:

2.  Please note that your fees will be created for you.  I have included my address to send it to (my home for speed).  Obviously, you will not be able to get it to me in time for next Saturday but please get it to me as soon as you can.  If you would like to estimate your B Quals entries and combine a check that can work also (as B Quals is in roughly 4 and a half weeks from now). Use the invoice created by Tabroom, or multiple invoices as needed.  Makes checks payable to the SVFL.  $25 school fee (for each qualifier), $100 SVFL dues (which you only pay once), $6 per student entry (so a Duo or a debate team will be $12 each).   We will have the webpage up for B Quals not long from now (and will let you know) if you require that invoice as well (once you register).  The same goes for State Quals Debate (which you can talk to Crystal/David about as well once the time comes, one issue at a time).  

3.  Entries are due THIS FRIDAY in the afternoon (I believe we set it at 5:00 P.M.).  Please enter as soon as possible.  All entries (other than both extemps, so DI/OI/POI/Info) will need their Youtube video links submitted to their speeches with their entries by the registration deadline.  We want to see numbers, have time to check video links, not rush to panel, etc., since round 1 ballots are being pushed out on Tuesday. 

4.  The tentative schedule is for Round 1 to be Tuesday, round 2 Wednesday, round 3 Thursday (as needed), Sems Friday, Finals Saturday.  Make sure that your judges are prepared for this.  We will give judges an entire day (say 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.) to complete their daily ballots, and please encourage them to 'start round' as soon as they can each day and to get ballots, WITH APPROPRIATE COMMENTS, back in on time.  Sarah (and I) will be monitoring and sending out reminders.  We may adjust the schedule slightly once we see the final entry numbers.  Extemp will be live throughout Saturday (the same day as other events asynch Finals) so we will rotate judges as needed.  Extemp judges will need to be to Saturday rounds at specified times so please prepare them for that.  We will be updating you with that schedule as well once we know for sure how many rounds extemp will go (4 or 5).  I will also need a few coaches to help run extemp rounds on Zoom (where Sarah and I will also be Saturday).  More information will be forthcoming.  Please be aware that we still need 3 judges for Sems rounds and five for Finals, and those Final round ballots on Saturday for asynch events will have a specific turnaround time that must be followed.  We expect a recorded awards video to be sent out to all teams, at the latest, by 8:30 P.M. on Saturday.  

5.  I am sure I forgot something but please stay in touch and check your email often.  Good luck to your students and I know we can do this!  :)