Last Chance Covid Style

2021 — NSDA Campus, UT/US


With the craziness of the season Tooele is planning to host the last Chance tournament. All topics will/need to be related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Hopefully this will allow students to blow off a bit of steam from dealing with COVID for a year.




Registration and Judges Meeting: 2:30


Round 1       3:00


Round 2       5:00


Round 3       6:30


Awards          posted on tabroom


Cost: $4 per entry (10 school fee, we have to cover the cost of rooms on NSDA Campus)


Awards: Creative prizes to the top three students in each category or a high 5/elbow bump from their coach which ever you feel good with


Dinner: Nothing this year.


Judges: Every school will need to bring one extremely qualified judge for every 4 students registered, Judges need to be willing to judge every round and any event.


Description of each event is on the invitation