Stratford InHouse Tournament

2021 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

Welcome to the Stratford In-House Tournament! As with most tournaments in our present environment, this will be an online event.

This will be a speech & debate tournament. We will have a full day of four rounds of debate and three round of speech on Sunday, February 21st. 



Stratford Middle School Competitors ONLY!

We will be running PF and LD this year for debate, and our speech events will be Original Oratory, Informative, Humorous Interp, Dramatic Interp, and Impromptu.

For Speech, we will have 8-10 minute limits for Original Oratory and Informative. 



This tournament will be all digital. Rounds will be announced via e-mail and SMS, ballots will be tabulated digitally. Students and judges should also register their e-mail and phone number (if applicable) with their tabroom account so that information gets pushed out in a timely fashion.