Claudia Taylor Lady Bird Johnson Bluebonnet Classic

2021 — Online, TX/US

Registration will close on February 8th and judges & fees will be frozen at 4:00PM that day.

All entries will be wait-listed initially. This is to be respectful of the need to encourage regional participation first.  Schools who have attended the Bluebonnet Classic in the past will be accepted first. 

Because we are using, there are entry limits in the synchronous events (debates, congress, extemp).  

Please note that this one-day (debate events) will follow the mandates laid out by the vIQT committee of TFA. This includes all events being virtual. PF, CX, and LD will not be allowed to cross-enter. Coaches will not be allowed to fulfill multiple judging obligations to adhere to the screen time limitations adopted by TFA. 

Extempers will need to be visible in front of their screen for the duration of their prep time. 

IE rounds (except extemp) will be held asynchronously. 

The February NSDA PF and LD topics will be utilized. 


Congress will utilize items 1, 5, 6, 7, 13, 17 and 18 for prelims and 2, 3, 19, 20, 24 for finals from the Spring TFA docket. 



2/10 Wednesday asynchronously - IEs (DI, HI, OO, INF, POI) prelims - breaks announced by 8pm

2/11 Thursday asynchronously - IEs (DI, HI, OO, INF, POI) semi finals - breaks announced by 8pm

2/12 Friday, asynchronously - IEs (DI, HI, OO, INF, POI) Finals - results announced by 8pm


2/13 Saturday virtual events (CX, PF, LD, DX, FX, Congress)

7:30AM Digital Check IN


8:15AM Extemp Prelim

2:30PM Extemp Semis

6:15PM Extemp Finals


9:00AM Rd 1

11:30AM Rd 2

2:00PM Rd 3

5:30 PM Rd 4


10:15AM - 1:15PM Prelim Round

4:00PM - 6:00PM - Finals Round


10:15AM - Rd 1

11:30AM - Rd 2

1:00PM Rd 3

4:15PM - Qtrs

5:30PM - Semis

6:45PM - Finals