MSDL Online Snowball Speech and Congress Tournament

2021 — NSDA Campus, MA/US

Welcome to the MSDL Online Snowball Tournament! Below please find our tentative schedule and links to meetings and prep rooms. Tech help is available until 11:00 at the room listed below and at

In the event of an interruption in service on the NSDA platform, you can find updates at the following web address: The tournament will continue as soon as any interruption has been resolved by our service provider.


Tentative Schedule

8:30  Judge Meeting

8:45  Draw for Extemp and Radio

9:00  Student Meeting

9:10  Speech Round 1 and Congress Session 1

10:45  Speech Round 2

12:30  Congress Session 2

12:35  Speech Round 3

2:10  Multiple

3:15  Speech and Congress Finals

5:00  Awards



Judge Meeting:

Meeting ID: 867 0759 5873
Passcode: 656422
Extemp Prep:

Meeting ID:  876 4768 2424

Passcode: preproom


Radio Prep

Meeting ID: 828 9319 5171
Passcode: 038159


Student Meeting and Tech Help:

Passcode: MSDL
Impromptu Final Round:
Passcode: MSDL 
Passcode: MSDL