Iowa Novice Night 3

2021 — NSDA Campus, IA/US

Tabroom Zoom (Will open up and will be staffed 1/5/2021 at 3:30 PM)

 Password is "iowadebate"







Hello fellow coaches,


After seeing the resounding success of the first two novice tournament, the Iowa Distance Debate Initiative will be hosting our 3rd novice night tournament on January 5th. This event is once again FREE to any and all schools in Iowa. This date was chosen to give teams a chance to get their novices some experience before the IHSSA State Debate Tournament that weakened. 

Registrations is open now and will close on January 3rd at 7 PM. Judges are due on January 5th at 3 PM. 

First, if interest exists, we will consider adding a novice policy division. Due to the length of a policy round, we will run 2 rounds with round 1 starting at 4:30 PM PM and 6:45 PM. If your novice cx teams are interested, please email me. 

PF and LD will be a three-round tournament with rounds starting at 4:30 PM, 5:45 PM, and 7:00 PM on the day of the tournament.

We will accelerate the tournament when possible.

We will use the NSDA Campus system for the online platform.

Paper certificates suitable for framing will be sent to all students who place 2-1 or higher at these tournaments in LD and PF.

Again, remember that THE ENTRY FEE IS FREE. There is no charge for these tournaments. Bring as many students as you want. Three free debate rounds per student or team. As long as we hit four NSDA schools, you can also use these for NSDA points! Our previous two tournaments have hit this without an issue. The only thing I ask is that you please bring judges. Since I am not charging entry fees, I have no extra funds to pay hired judges. Varsity students can judge, so bring your varsity kids

We will host LD and PF. This is a great warmup for teams that are looking for some experience before the IHSSA State Debate Tournament or the plethora of Des Moines debate tournaments in January. 


Importation information and requirements


-Novice is defined as any student in their first year of high school debate. Previous high school debate prior to this year will disqualify a student from the novice division. 

-Students will be allowed to enter novice if they have one or fewer years of high school speech experience. Any more speech experience will disqualify a student from novice. 

-This tournament is open only to students from schools in Iowa. 

-A school's judging obligation must be meet. If you are under in terms of your obligation, I will ask you to drop entries until you are within your obligation.

-We will be using the NSDA Campus System. This means you will need to use Google Chrome.

-Please, please, please, make sure your students and judges are linked. This is the only way the tournament can work.


 Judging and Fees




1 judge for every 2 ld debaters or fractions thereof.


Schedule- LD and PF


Round 1: 4:30 PM

Round 2: 5:45 PM

Round 3: 7:00 PM


We will accelerate the schedule when possible.




LD: Resolved: States ought to ban lethal autonomous weapons.


PF: Resolved: The National Security Agency should end its surveillance of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents.