The 1st Patriot Mini Classic hosted by Thomas s Wootton HS

2020 — Online, MD/US

Welcome to the first Patriot Mini Classic hosted on December 13, 2020. We are so excited to have you! The tournament will be run from this Tabroom website but communication and competition will primarily be through discord.

This tournament is open to novices/ first year debaters only! Novice debaters are students with less than two years experience in debate who have either a) never competed in Varsity or b) have not cleared to elim rounds at JV tournaments.

We hope to see you there! Shoot us message in the discord with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Or if you would prefer, email the contacts listed on this Tournament's dashboard. 

Cost: Free!

Location: Patriot Mini Classic Server @

Judging: Judges will be High School or College Students with more than 2 years of debate experience. No hiring is allowed. Teams will need 1 judge for every entries!

Topic: NSDA/MoCo November-December Topic; Resolved: The United States should adopt a declaratory policy of No-First Use. 


Tentative Schedule

All times are in EST!



7:30 Judge Check in    
8:00 Round 1 TECH CHECK 7:55 BALLOTS DUE at 9:00
9:15 Round 2 TECH CHECK 9:10 BALLOTS DUE at 10:15
10:30 Round 3 TECH CHECK 10:25 BALLOTS DUE at 11:30
11:45 Round 4 TECH CHECK 11:40 BALLOTS DUE at 12:45
11:45 - 12:45 LUNCH BREAK    
1:00 Quarters TECH CHECK 12:55 BALLOTS DUE at 1:50*
2:00 Semis TECH CHECK 1:55 BALLOTS DUE at 2:50*
3:00 Finals! TECH CHECK 2:55 BALLOTS DUE at 3:50*


Note: We will be using NSDA pilot rules of 3 minute Prep Time and 3 minute summaries during rounds. Judges must disclose in all prelim rounds however panel disclosure is optional in elimination rounds.