Eastwood Trooper Clash II TFA VIQT

2020 — Online Zoom, TX/US

Hello! Eastwood High School would like to invite you to attend the 2020 Trooper Clash. The tournament will be held 12/11 - 12/12/2020 on Zoom and deadlines are listed on the bottom right hand of the home screen of the "Website". We are looking forward to seeing you and some quality clash at our tournament!


Some important Info:


A. If the link has been used at two or more tourneys this season, you must provide a new one to compete. 

B. All links should be set to "unlisted" (YouTube), unlocked, have multiple free views.

C. After the deadline 12/7/2020 @ 5 pm, all links are locked in including Phantom entries = Drops = $

2. LD/PF:


B. Rounds will be bumped if possible 

3. Congressional Debate:

A. TFA 2020 Fall Docket

B. TFA 45 minute rule will be enforced

C Docket order as follows: Prelims- Session 1= 11-20, Session 2= 21-30, Finals= 1-10