South Dakota Novice Oratory Informative and Extemp Tournament

2020 — Lennox, SD/US

Welcome to the first (and possibly last) Virtual Novice After School Speech Tournament.  This is a free tournament for novice competitors only.  All schools must cover their judging with a qualified judge (There are no judges to hire). 

Students may enter in as many events as they would like.  Double entry is allowed and encouraged!

The only events that are offered are the speech events of Original Oratory, Informative, and Extemp Speaking. 

Questions for extemp speaking have been posted in Tabroom.  Students should pick ONE question and record a speech over that question.  They will only do ONE speech.

All NSDA rules will be followed in terms of visual aids, recording, and time limits.


Rounds will be released Tuesday morning and must be judged by Wednesday at 6:00 PM.