Bardstown Beechwood Middle Virtual Blizzard Swing JR BARDSTOWN

2021 — Online, KY/US

Welcome to the Bardstown Middle Winter Swing Speech Tournament!


3 Preliminary Rounds starting Wednesday, January 20@8am (or earlier ) until Friday, January 22 @5PM EST. Judging can occur at any time within that time period. 

Finals will start Friday, January 22@8PM until 2PM on Saturday, January 23. Judging can occur at anytime within that time period. 

Impromptu Speaking, Extemporaneous Speaking & Improvisational Duo topics will be released Sunday, January 17 @12PM. Students will be required to record prep time for Impromptu Speaking and Improvisational Duo with their performance. Extemporaneous Speaking will only need to submit their performance. 

Broadcasters will submit KHSSL Round 2 performances 


BREAKING NEWS!  Students may compete in up to 12 events!!! 


All video submissions are due by 5 PM EST on Monday, January 18 
The same student video will be used for all rounds including finals. All Duo Acting & Improvisational Duos will be split-screen. 


Please check video upload links to make sure they are working properly after they have been uploaded to tabroom. YouTube links seem to work the best. 


Plaques will be awarded for Team Sweepstakes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. 

Students will receive medals for 1st - 6th place in each category 

Our goal is to have the awards ceremony at 6:00 on Saturday 

Refer to for speech rules in each event. 


District W9