Callisburg Christmas Classic

2020 — Online, TX/US

Welcome to the Callisburg Christmas Classic! 

We are excited about all the opportunities online tournaments have provided for our students this year.  As we have participated in this platform, we've discovered many schools are wary or uncertain about the online platform.  Never Fear! We were too, but have quickly fallen in love with this type of debate.  We have seen our students THRIVE!  Our primary goal is to offer schools (who were like us) a chance for online debate.  We also see a need for more schools to certify rounds who have not had to do so in the past.  Having all your certified rounds DONE prior to the New Year, sounds like the BEST Christmas gift ever!  So we will be offering the following events:

Novice CX

Varsity CX

Novice LD (Spring 2021 Topic)

Varsity LD (Spring 2021 Topic)

I've spoken to Austin and the new spring topic should be released with plenty of time for our students to write a case.  If there are any changes to that plan, I'll email everyone.  

We will guarantee four rounds and will only charge a flat fee of $100 regardless of the number of entries.  If you are unable to provide a judge, we would ask you pay a flat fee of $125, as that seems to be the going rate for hired judges these days.  

This is a UIL tournament. We want to use UIL's best practices for debate (following the CCR, and UIL CX & LD Handbooks).  We will use online ballots through Tabroom, but we will host rounds using google meet.  As we have participated in this format, Google Meet seems to have shown the fewest hiccups.  


7AM-8AM Check-in (via text, email drops)

830AM Round 1

1030AM Round 2

1230 PM Round 3

230 PM Round 4 


Entries/Judges must be finalized by Wednesday, December 9th at 4PM.  Please, please, please provide judges. I've already premptively hired a few, but we will need many more.  If you have a former student who you would like to "Hire", simply pay us the $125, and we will hire them for you.  i know many times small schools do not have allocated funds to pay college judges, but you do have the funds to cover tournament fees.