West Texas AM University Guy P Yates

2020 — NSDA Campus, TX/US

West Texas Forensics

Guy P. Yates


Dear Speech Community,

We are happy to extend a sincere invitation to you and your students to compete at the annual Guy P Yates speech tournament.  The tournament will be virtual.  Registration is on Tabroom.com. Rounds will take place on NSDA Campus.  There will be lots of changes this year but we will make the best of the situation.

·         We are going to run a one day tournament.  Students who do any form of debate or congress will not be allowed to cross enter.

·         All rounds will be synchronous.

·         Individual events students may enter 2 events per pattern.

·         Schools will be limited to 2CX, 2NCX, 4LD, 4NLD, 2PFD, 5 congress entries, 4 IEs

·         Novice if the student’s first year to compete in any event.

·         Schools will be limited to 4 students per individual event.

·         Waitlists will be used

·         Entries are due by November 12. At 5:00 PM

·         Drops made after November 17 at noon will be charged the entry fee plus $10.00

·         Drops made the day of the tournament will be charged entry plus $25.00

·         Make checks to West Texas A&M Forensics P.O. Box 60754, Canyon TX 79016

·         Judging:  It is imperative that you provide judges.

·         Debate topics will be the current TFA CX, LD, and PFD topics.

·         Congress will be using legislation from txfa.org website.  Prelims 1-15  finals 16-30

·         6 people will be taken to finals in events



Pattern A:  Prose, International Extemp, Domestic Extemp, Novice Extemp, Oratory, Humorous

Pattern B: Poetry, Dramatic, Impromptu, Poi, Informative

Pattern C:  CX, NCX, LD, NLD, PF, Congress


Time Schedule

Individual Events                                                         Debate

7:30 Extemp draw                                           8:00 Rd 1 CX, NCX, LD,NLD, PF

8:00 Pattern A                                        10:00  Rd 2 – LD, NLD, PFD, Congress Prelim (3hours)

9:30 Pattern B                                                 11:00 Rd 2 CX 12:30  RD 3 LD, NLD, PFD

11:00 draw semis                                            12:30  RD 3 LD, NLD, PFD

11:30  Pattern A semis                                    2:00 Rd 3 CX, NCX

1:00    Pattern B semis                              2:30  Semis/Quarters LD, NLD, PFD, Finals Congress

2:30  Finals draw                                             4:30   Finals/Semis LD, NLD, PFD

3:00  Pattern A finals                                      5:00 Rd 4 CX, NCX

4:30  Pattern B finals                                      5:30  remaining finals LD, NLD, PFD  



We are not charging judging fees but it is imperative this year that you provide the appropriate number of judges.

1 judge for each 6 IE entries

1 judge for every 2 debate entries

We need the judge’s email and the times that they are available. Please please provide judges.




Because this is my last year to coach and the strangeness that is COVID, we would like to show appreciation to those schools who have supported us in the past.  For any school that attended the tournament last year you will be getting a 50% discount.  We appreciate your support. Discounts will be calculated and marked by school by the host.

                                    Last Year Attendance                          New Supporter

Individual events                         $7.50                                     $15.00

CX/NCX                                           17.50                                       35.00

PF,LD,NLD                                       12.50                                          25.00

CONGRESS                                        7.50                                           15.00


Make checks payable to West Texas A&M Forensics

Mail to:  Connie McKee

                P.O. Box 60754

               Canyon TX  79016