Blizzard Blitz

2020 — NSDA Campus, WI/US

Blizzard Blitz
December 19, 2020
NSDA Campus

General meeting/awards link: 


3:30 pm: Only two ballots are still outstanding. Awards will start shortly.

3:15 pm: Awards will occur as soon as all rounds end.

2:03 pm: VPF round 4 reblasted with updated pairings and judges as a team had an emergency.

1:45 pm: LDPF round 4 blasted for 2:00 pm start. Awards will happen as soon as Policy ends.

1:32 pm: Policy round 3 should be going. 

1:03 pm: Policy round 3 blasted for 1:30 pm start.

12:30 pm: LDPF round 3 should be starting.

12:15 pm: PF round 3 blasted.

11:59 am: LD round 3 blasted.

11:35 am: LDPF round 3 will be at 12:30 pm. Policy round 3 will be at 1:30 pm. Please have a good lunch and a little screen down time.

10:42 am: NCX round 2 blasted.

10:22 am: VCX round 2 blasted.

10:00 am: LD round 2 blasted. 

9:43 am: PF round 2 blasted.

8:20 am: Lincoln Douglas divisions merged and round 1 blasted.

8:15 am: Policy and public forum round 1 blasted. Public forum coinflips in round.

7:45 am: Whitefish Bay, please contact tab ASAP. We have currently dropped your team from VLD as we are unable to contact the coach or judge to confirm onsite. UPDATE 9:36 am: Thank you for contacting Tab! Your team has been added back for Rounds 2 - 4.

7:10 am: Policy judge pool has been combined. We will be starting Round 1 at, or shortly after, 8. The general meeting is still at 7:45. Benjamin Sauer will be running tab (email, and John Tao will be handling conduct, equity, and inclusion (email


The Blizzard Blitz is hosted by the MDL. The tournament is sanctioned by the WDCA and the MDL.

The tournament will offer junior varsity and varsity public forum and Lincoln Douglas and novice and varsity policy. We will do our best to keep the junior varsity and varsity public forum and Lincoln Douglas divisions separate. However, if the number of schools in attendance, or the number of registrations for a specific division is small, we may need to collapse junior varsity and varsity public forum and/or Lincoln Douglas together.

Students can debate as mavericks (by themselves) and win.

Judge Obligations:

1 judge per 2 VCX/NCX/LD/PF entries or any fraction thereof. We will do our best to keep the LD and PF judging pools, as well as the novice and varsity policy judging pools, separate. However, if the number of schools in attendance, or the number of registrations for a specific division is small, we may need to collapse pools. If we do collapse the judging pools, we will notify you in advance and ask if any judge is unqualified to judge a specific division.


The registration deadline is Wednesday, December 16th at 3:00 PM. Registration fees are locked as of December 16th at 3:00 pm. Nuisance fees will apply to changes (e.g. late registrations, drops, etc.) made after this time. You are able to change names and drop entries until Friday, December 18th at 11:45 PM.

If you do not bring the required number of judges, the tournament reserves the right to charge you $100 per missing judge or de-register your teams until you have judges to cover your judge obligation. We will do our best to have extra judges, but you should expect few - if any - extra judges available.

Inclusion/Conduct: If there are concerns related to conduct, discrimination or inclusion, please e-mail The appropriate tournament individual will discuss the concerns with the parties involved.


Policy Entries: $30
LD/PF Entries: $20
Nuisance Fee: $15
Missing Judge: $100

Address for Fees:

Please make all checks payable to: Milwaukee Debate League

Please mail checks to:

Milwaukee Debate League
Attn: Benjamin Sauer
7217 N Oakley Ave
Chicago, IL 60645


You should eat lunch during lunch. Lunch is good.

Debate Divisions:

Novice Policy will follow the WDCA Standing Rules for novice policy debate. Lincoln Douglas and Public Forum will debate the December topic.

Tournament Schedule:

Registration Schedule:

Open: 7:00 am
End: 7:30 am
Opening Meeting: 7:45 - 8:00 am
Round Zero: 8:00 - 8:15 am

Policy Schedule:

Round 1: 8:30 am
Round 2: 11:00 am
Round 3: 1:30 pm
Awards: 4:00 pm

LD/PF Schedule:

Round 1: 8:15 am
Round 2: 10:00 am
Round 3: 12:30 pm
Round 4: 2:00 pm
Awards: 4:00 pm

MDL Teams:

If your school is a member of the MDL, your entry fees will be discounted.


If you have any questions about the tournament, please reach out to:

Benjamin Sauer, Executive Director, Milwaukee Debate League