2020 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

9:00 AM Check-In (All competitors) 
9:15 AM Check-In (Judges) 
9:30 AM Judging Instructions via NSDA Campus 


9:30 AM Extemporaneous Prep Pull via Zoom (link below) 
10:00 AM Round 1 A

10:45 AM Round 2 Extemp Prep Pull via Zoom 
11:15 AM Round 2 A

12:00 PM Round 3 Extemp Prep Pull via Zoom (link below) 
12:30 PM Round 3 A

2:00 PM Round 1 B

3:15 PM Round 2 B

4:45 PM Round 3 B


Spontaneous Events Competitors

Extemporaneous and Impromptu Prep Roomhttps://tusd-org.zoom.us/j/84319428947?pwd=NDlPdTNubzVHcDhJMWNqUndwSEFWQT09 

First Extemporaneous Prep will start PROMPTLY at 9:30 AM as indicated above. After you do your piece - please RETURN BACK to the Extemp Prep Room to prepare for the next round ASAP. You may also watch your competitors and return back at the end of the round if you wish. 

When your round begins you will enter the Impromptu Zoom Prep first - you will wait in there to receive your topic based on the order you speak. Once you receive your topic, you will prep for 2 minutes, and then go through your NSDA Campus link to your round to perform for your judge. Please return back to the Prep Room after your speech or at the end of the last persons speech should you spectate.

Should you have any questions there will be a Tab Member in the Spontaneous Events Prep Room all day!