Auburn HS Speech and Debate Tournament

2020 — NSDA Campus, AL/US

The 1st Annual Auburn High School Speech and Debate Tournament Oct. 30th and 31st!


Hello Speech and Debate Coaches,

Please accept our cordial invitation to the Auburn High School 1st annual Speech and Debate Tournament. We pledge to you a full service, low-cost, well-managed weekend of excellent remote competition. As a competitive high school team, our mission is to provide the unique educational opportunities inherent in forensic competition at an affordable cost to the forensics community. This year’s tournament will be conducted on NSDA’s new Campus platform. We look forward to hosting your team and providing a great weekend of competition. 

            We welcome all competitors from 9th -12th grade from both public and private institutions. Below you will find all of the specific details relating to the tournament. If you have any questions, please contact me via email at: or you can reach me by phone at 616-328-1440. 

Events and Divisions: In debate we offer Novice and Varsity divisions in Public Forum debate and Lincoln-Douglas debate. We will use the Sep./Oct. LD topic and the Sep./Oct. Public Forum topic. In Alabama, the novice divisions also use the varsity rotating topics, NOT the novice topic. Note, if a novice or varsity division does not reach an appropriate number, we may collapse into a single open division. In Speech we offer Dramatic Interpretation (DI), Humorous Interpretation(HI), Original Oratory (OO), Program Oral Interpretation (POI), Oral Interpretation  (OI )Informative Speaking (INF) and Extemporaneous (Alternating Domestic/Foreign starting Round 1 with Domestic) (EXT). All speech events will be live.

Judging Info- We require 1 judge for every 3 entries. For Specch, we require 1 judge for every 5 entries.

Fees- Entry fees are $20 per debate entry and $15 per speech entry. Hired judge fee is $150 for debate and $100 for speech.