2020 — Zoom - Breakout Rooms, SD/US

Welcome to Pumpkinstakes!!

Dear High School Coaches,

On Saturday, October 31, 2020, The Watertown Speech Department will once again be hosting the Watertown Individual Events and Congressional Debate Tournaments Virtually and LIVE! 

Live, Virtual Rounds: The rounds will be live. The judges will need to log into Tabroom to fill out ballots. Competitors can log into their Tabroom for rounds and schedules but we will be using Zoom and the Zoom Breakout Rooms for the competition.  Students and judges should update their Zooms by going to the Zoom.us website and downloading the most current version and/or the App for your computers. You will need to be on a device with a camera and speaker so that they can perform live, virtually. *Remember State is allowing wireless headphones to be used as a microphone, which may be better quality than a computer mic.*

The Zoom information will be sent out before the competition. So watch for that. 

For duo and RT, students may compete together on one device or each be logged in on their own devices to compete on separate screens. *But remember that at State they will be required to perform on separate screens.*

If you have any questions concerning the tournament, or if you have changes on Friday, please feel free to contact me at school (882-6316 ext. 512 or 695-0646) or at michael.jacobsen@k12.sd.us

Changes Saturday morning should be called or texted to (605) 695-0646 [Michael Jacobsen] or (605) 520-4356 [Jordan Bakken.] Please leave a message with specific drops so they can be made before you "arrive." 

We will once again be offering Novice Interp this year. Please register your novice competitors in the correct division. We will be offering Novice Humor, Novice Drama, Novice Duo, Novice Storytelling, Novice Poetry, and Novice Non-Original Oratory. If numbers do not make sense or are too low we will combine novice events into a Mixed Novice Interp category.

Please note the schedule change for this year. Unfortunately, this means we will NOT be offering any Extemp, Oratory, or Informative...again/still. 

It is back! We will not be having the discussion but instead will be offering Congressional Debate. If numbers allow we will have 3 different houses (Varsity, JV, and Novice.) For those who are competing in Congressional Debate, please email Jordan Bakken (jordan.bakken@k12.sd.us) for the docket.

All Varsity Events Include: Drama, Humor, Duo, Poetry, Storytelling, Reader's Theatre, Non-Original Oratory, Original Oratory, Congressional Debate

All Novice Events Include: Drama, Humor, Duo, Poetry, Storytelling, Non-Original Oratory, and Congressional Debate

Tabroom Accounts: Every competitor and judge will need to have a Tabroom account this year as we are doing the tournament virtually.



Schedules for the tournament can also be found under the Schedule tab off to the Right. ---->


Congressional Debate Schedule

Session 1: 9:00-11:00

Session 2: 11:30-1:30

Oral Interp Event Schedule

Round 1:              8:30-9:30

Round 2:              10:00-11:00

Round 3:              11:30-12:30

Post Finals:           1:00

Finals:                  1:30-2:30

Awards:                3:00-3:30

TRICK-OR-TREATING:  4:00-Midnight/"The Witching Hour" HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! 

Entries are due by 5:00 PM on Thursday, October 29th. Judge Entries and Fees are due by 5:00 PM on Friday, October 30th. Please do not call in your entry or send in forms. All entries must be registered here on Tabroom.com.

P.S. We're doing a New and Special Award for this year: Your very own "Pumpkin Patch!!" ;D Those awards will be mailed out after the tournament. See you for the Great Forensic Pumpkin on October 31 and for a chance to win a first year Pumpkin(stakes) Patch!!


Michael Jacobsen / Jordan Bakken / Scott Walker / Kyle Downey / Danielle Harms / Delaine Nelson / Chelsea Brink