Meadows Scrimmage 1

2020 — Online, NV/US

Meadows Scrimmage – Oct 10, 2020


This scrimmage is not an open tournament – it is a Novice LD practice round scrimmage between invited schools.


Here are my ideas for the scrimmage – I am open to amendments.


1. Four single flighted rounds. This will allow a Lot of time in between rounds (an hour) for long judge explanations, coaching and teaching. It would start at 8:00 AM and be done by 3:30 PM. It would mean one judge for every two debaters. I want all of the rounds judged by varsity debaters, so that coaches can focus on teaching. Please make sure that you enter responsible varsity debaters, and remind them about appropriate behavior in novice rounds:

·        Positive comments and constructive criticism

·        Written comments

·        Oral explanations

·        Mature behavior


2. Two Preset debates, with two Paired debates. An Awards Assembly Zoom at the end with top 3? 5? debaters recognized, and certificates for those debaters.


3. Mandatory Caselist Wiki the night before. It is okay to me if you have a “Novice” wiki page, if they are all essentially running the same arguments and cases.


4. Do you all think it is easier to have each judge have a zoom link in a spreadsheet, and then debaters just goto their judges room, or is it better to have one large zoom room with tab placing people in breakout rooms? If we have fewer than ten debates, I tend to think that the ZRM is easier. I am open to either. If we do the former, every judge has to set up their Zoom Personal Meeting Room and send me the links to create the spread sheet.


5. I don’t think we need entry limits, as long as schools have the judging to cover it. I am also open to schools debating people from their own school if the brackets would be impossible otherwise, although I am also okay with ruined brackets, since I don’t think that the record is that important.