Iowa City West Novice One Day

2020 — NSDA Campus, IA/US


Fellow Coaches,


The coaches, students, and administrators of Iowa City West High School are proud to invite you to the Iowa City West Novice/JV  One Day tournament. This event will be held entirely online using the NSDA Campus system. This event is a novice only event. Our goal is to provide novices with high quality rounds in a safe and educational environment.


The definitions of novice and JV are as follows: 


-Novice is defined as any student in their first year of high school debate. Previous high school debate prior to this year will disqualify a student from the novice division. 

-Students will be allowed to enter novice if they have one or fewer years of high school speech experience. Any more speech experience will disqualify a student from novice. 


-JV is classified as any debater or speech student that has been doing speech and debate at the high school level for 2 years or less. This means combined. If a student did 2 years of speech and half a year of debate, they no longer count as a JV student.


We will be offering novice and JV divisions of policy, public forum. And Lincoln Douglas debate as well as a mixed extemp division as well as an interp division that will be HI, DI and POI combined. Interp will be done via recorded video. Details on submission will be sent out in a few weeks. Extemp questions will be released prior to the tournament to allow coaches and students to better prep. Questions will be a mix of domestic and international topics, and they will be written to accommodate a new novice student in difficulty.  


When registering, an adult coach that is associated with a school must be the one to register. Students can’t register independently.


Awards will be given out to the top students in each division. We will mail these out.


All of the important details are located below.


We hope to see you all in October.


Director of Forensics John Cooper

Interp Coach Luke Brooks

Platform Coach Olivia Greiwe

LD Coach Kyle Kopf

PF Coach Jesse Meyer.

CX Coach Kalen McCain 





This is a novice event only.. Novice is defined as any first-year student. If you competed in middle school debate only, you are still eligible.


The following will also eliminate a student from novice.

            Having competed in a varsity division at a debate tournament.

            Having gone to a debate camp.

Any student with previous debate experience competing in speech is not a speech novice

Any student with previous speech experience competing in debate is not a debate novice.





LD will use the NSDA NOVICE RESOLUTION  Resolved: Civil disobedience in a democracy is morally justified.


PF will use the NSDA Sept Oct PF resolution  Resolved: The United States federal government should enact the Medicare-For-All Act of 2019.


CX will use the NSDA 2020 topic on criminal justice reform.  Resolved: The United States federal government should enact substantial criminal justice reform in the United States in one or more of the following: forensic science, policing, sentencing.


Novice limits apply for policy. 


We will also allow the Kansas Limits, there is a lot of overlap and we want our Kansas schools to know that they are very welcome!



1) abolish the death penalty

2) decriminalize marijuana

3) defund the police

4) end mandatory minimums

5) juvenile sentencing reform



Extemp questions will be released to the coaches before the tournament to help students prep. Students are encouraged to not deliver a canned speech but use the advanced knowledge to work with their coaches to practice research and speech construction.




Entry limits and judging obligations


First 6 entries from each school will be accepted. The rest will be placed on a waiting list and entered as the division entry allows.


Varsity debate and speech students can judge. Use your varsity kids.


1 judge for every 2 PF teams or fraction thereof.

1 judge for every 2 LD entries or fraction thereof.

1 judge for every 2 CX teams or fraction thereof.

1 judge for every 5 speech entries or fraction thereof.





$18 School Fee


LD   $15 per entry

PF   $20 per entry

CX   $25 per entry


Speech   $15 per entry


$75 per LD, PF, and Speech judge


$100 per CX judge







Saturday- Will accelerate when we can.




                     PF and LD Schedule

9:00               Round 1

10:30             Round 2

11:30             Lunch Break

12:30             Round 3

2:00               Round 4

3:30               Round 5

5:00              Quarterfinals

6:15              Semifinals

7:30              Finals


CX Schedule

9:00               Round 1

11:00           Round 2

1:00             Lunch Break

2:00             Round 3

4:00             Quarterfinals

6:30             Semifinals

8:00             Finals 



                      Speech Schedule

9:00               Extemp Draw

9:30               Round 1

10:30             Extemp Draw

11:00             Round 2

12:00             Lunch Break

1:00               Extemp Draw

1:30               Round 3

2:30               Extemp Draw

3:00               Round 4




9 AM to 11:30 AM- Session 1

1 PM to 3:30 PM- Session 2