Banquete Bulldog Bash TFA and NIETOC

2021 — Online, TX/US

Banquete High School


is proud to announce the 






Banquete Bulldog Bash Tournament

January 28-30, 2021




Dear Colleagues,                                     


The Banquete Bulldog Bash High School Speech & Debate team is very pleased to invite you to the annual Bulldog Bash Tournament, which will take place the week of January 28 to Saturday, January 30th 2021.  This tournament promises to be an outstanding educational experience for all those who participate.  The entire tournament will take place virtually with all IE’s being asynchronous with the exception of Extemp.


We hope you are able to attend!


We will be using the NSDA Campus for the platform.


THE IE submission deadline is Wednesday January 27th 11:59 PM CT. 




We will be using the UIL LD Topic for TFA qualification points.

RESOLVED: When in conflict, digital privacy ought to be valued above public security.


The policy will use the 2020 -2021 Criminal Justice Reform Topic

Resolved: The United States federal government should enact substantial criminal justice reform in the United States in one or more of the following: forensic science, policing, sentencing.


Public Forum will use January 2021 Topic.

 Resolved: The National Security Agency should end its surveillance of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents.


Congress TFA SPRING 2021 Docket

Prelims 1-5

Semis 11-15 (If necessary)

Finals 6-10


Congress: $20 per student / 1 judge required for every 6 entries or portion thereof 

Individual Events: $15 per student / 1 judge required for every 6 entries or portion thereof

Policy Debate: $35 per entry / 1 judge required for every 2 entries or portion thereof

LD Debate: $30 per entry / 1 judge required for every 4 entries or portion thereof

Public Forum Debate: $35 per entry / 1 judge required for every 4 entries or portion thereof 

Missing Judge Fee: $150 

Helpful Tabroom Information: 

For information on how to make a tabroom account check out this video:

For information on how to register for the tournament after creating an account is here:

Keep in mind students will need to have their own tabroom account created and linked to the school/institution they attend and an email address attached/linked to their account. 

Here is a video to help you link your students to their accounts:

Please use to test both the practice space and the competition space before the competition. If you have issues, let me know ASAP.

Dr. Max Thompson                              Eric Pinon                                      Julian Erdmann

Debate Coach                                      Interp Coach                                  Tabroom Director