Vista Ridge TFA

2020 — Online, TX/US



Vista Ridge is happy to invite your school to attend our 2020-2021 Ranger Rodeo.  This will be our 2nd TFA qualifier and we are welcoming students from all over the state of Texas. IEs will be asynchronous prelims and semis, with a synchronous finals.  Debate will be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and we will offer novice divisions where the numbers allow. Rounds start on Thursday to account for greater time flexibility, ease the burden on students/judges, and allow for us to break to Octos.


In order to divert more money into ensuring a qualified judging pool and a quality online experience, we will not have trophies this year.  Additionally, our tournament will likely be hosted on, requiring a $25 school fee to help cover the costs of online rooms. 




Amod Daherkar

Vista Ridge Debate Captain


Ramya Nambala

Speech & Debate President


Nayeon Kim

Speech & Debate Vice-President


Jonathan Daugherty

Vista Ridge Speech & Debate Coach