Falcon First Online Tournament

2020 — NSDA Campus, UT/US

To all students, judges, and coaches.

We will be having our opening ceremony through the utility room called "Opening Room __________"  This should take you to the opening ceremony room which will be done by Zoom.  If by chance you can't find the utility room here is a link to the Zoom room Opening Ceremony Room

the passcode to enter is "tabroom".

The opening ceremony will start at 7:30 am with a welcome to all schools, students, parents, and judges.  

We will also go over the schedule and talk about where judges should go prior to their first round.


After the opening ceremony please enter the judge pool utility room.  For example if you are entered as a debate judge please enter the "Debate judge pool" or if you are entered as a speech judge enter the "Speech judge pool" and if you are congress judge enter the "Congress judge pool".

Please stay in your judge pool rooms till you are dismissed.  


After the opening ceremony please enter the "Tabroom/Staff" utility room.


As you enter the tournament you should see a "Squad" room on your dashboard.  This is a space for your team to hangout in during the tournament between rounds.

Make sure you have your own tabroom account and that it is linked to your name on your team's roster.  Otherwise you will not be able to compete.


See you at the tournament!