The Dulles Classic

2020 — Online, TX/US

Dulles Classic 2020 (Online)


The coaching staff and team welcome you to our tournament this year.


We are super excited to be a NIETOC qualifier this year, and we will be offering 4 rounds in debate for both Novices and Varsity. We will also have a Worlds Schools division for all of our Worlds debaters.


Online tournaments can be different. Here is important information about our schedules:


We will allow Friday night sign-ups for any non-advancing debaters in Extemp. We will also allow Debaters to Cross-enter into any speech event (except extemp). Two asynchronous speech prelims will be held on Wednesday.


Thursday will have 2 rounds of LD/CX/PF/NLD/NCX/NPF, one round of WSD, and Congress (Round 1 - 5:30pm, Round 2 - 8:00pm).


Friday will have  2 rounds of LD/CX/PF/NLD/NCX/NPF/WSD and Congress Semis  (LD/CX/PF Round 3 - 5:30pm, Round 4 - 8:00pm).


Saturday we will have all out rounds for Debate, all speech Finals (synchronous), and Congress Finals.


Our schedule is an attempt to be humane to all participants. One advantage of the online world is that we have a bit more schedule flexibility, which should reduce the stress and sleep deprivation commonly associated with debate tournaments.


We will be hosted on google.classrooms the only TFA sanctioned hosting software.


If students do NOT advance to out rounds for debate we will allow a Friday night sign up for extemp for anyone wishing to compete in extemp.


Congress due to time constraints will not be able to compete in both Congres and Finals of a speech event. They may enter both but no refunds will be given.  Congress will be dropped in favor of a speech NIETOC Finals.


We look forward to having you all this year.


Asynchronous Speeches for both Prelims will be due on Wednesday 9/30 by 8 am. Entering these on Tuesday will also be an option.




Nicholas Jennings


Tournament Director



Kellyn Burke


Assistant Tournament Director