Lansing Debate Invitaitonal

2020 — NSDA Campus, KS/US

Lansing High School cordially invites you and your squad to compete in our annual Debate Invitational on Friday, October 23rd and Saturday, October 24th, 2020. 

We will offer Novice, JV, and Open divisions. Novice will be Saturday only. In Open and JV, there will be two rounds Friday night and two on Saturday morning. The Junior Varsity division is for first and second years only.  Please do not “load up” this division with debaters who should be in the Open division. We will break to quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. Awards will be based on win/loss record, speaker points, opposition record, and opposition speaker points in that order. The top eight teams in each division will receive medals. 

Sweepstakes awards will be given to the top three schools and will be based on entries of the top four teams per school, in any combination of divisions. We will present sweeps and novice awards at an "assembly" broadcast at the conclusion of round 5 in the novice division.  JV and Open medals will be awarded in "rooms" at the conclusion of each out-round.

Each school may enter two teams per judge provided. Since we are no longer bound by what our building can hold we are happy to accept your oversize entries provided you bring judges to accomodate. JUDGES MUST HAVE TABROOM ACCOUNTS and are expected to be trained on tabroom functionality prior to round 1

Students will be allowed to use the the internet for email chains and communication with the debate software during rounds. Management reserves the right to handle situations as they may arise as we see fit to best facilitate student learning. Students will debate: Resolved: The United States federal government should enact substantial criminal justice reform in the United States in one or more of the following: forensic science, policing, sentencing.

The Lansing Invitational Novice division will adhere to the Kansas Debate Coaches Novice Case List and Novice Neg packet. All novice teams entered must run an affirmative that addresses a topic area chosen by coaches with advantages which have negative blocks in the neg files. A list of the allowed affirmative topic areas can be found on the debate coaches facebook page. In the event that teams do not read one of these affirmatives, judges will be instructed to continue watching the round, but award a win to the negative, regardless of outcome. 

Campus Considerations:

Cameras for all parties must be on during the round.

Microphones should be muted unless you are the one speaking

Partners are ENCOURAGED to have a secondary chat or communication for themselves. This should not be communication with coaches.

FILESHARE - please utilize or an email chain.

Preliminary Rounds will not be recorded per campuses inability to record

Tech issues:

Technical Issues are to be reported to the tournament director as soon as they happen.

From the time the manager notifies the supervising coach/sponsor, the team has 10 minutes to resolve the technology issue or they will need to forfeit the round.  This period is not be used as prep time.


We intend to offer a "hospitality" utility room for those who would like to socialize with adults.

Entry fees are $10 per team and are expected prior to or upon registration unless you have a deal worked out beforehand. Cancellations made after Thursday, of the tournament week are still obligated to pay entry fees. Please sign-up on tabroom 

Judge Requirements:

Judges should learn how to access a digital ballot prior to judging a round.

Direct your judges to:

not judge based upon quality of audio and video.

not judge based upon whether a student is sitting or standing.

not judge based upon competition space.

Judges should not communicate with students via any secondary channel or chat. 

We look forward to seeing you!

Larissa Maranell

Lansing Director of Debate


Lansing High School

Attn: Larissa Maranell 

1412 147th Street

Lansing, KS 66048


FRIDAY, October 25th: OPEN & JV ONLY

Round 1 Pairing: 3:15 PM

Round 1 Virtual Check-In: 3:30 PM

Round 1 Start Time: 4:00 PM

Round 2 Pairing: 6:00 PM

Round 2 Virtual Check-In: 6:15 PM

Round 2 Start Time: 6:30 PM


Round 3 Pairing: 8:00 AM

Round 3 Virtual Check-In: 8:15 AM

Round 3 Start Time: 8:30 AM

Round 4 Pairing: 10:30AM

Round 4 Virtual Check-In: 10:45PM

Round 4 Start Time: 11:00PM

Round 5 Pairing: 1:00PM

Round 5 Virtual Check-In: 1:15PM

Round 5 Start Time: 1:30 PM

Round 6 Pairing: 3:30 PM

Round 6 Virtual Check-In: 3:45 PM

Round 6 Start Time: 4:00 PM

Round 7 Pairing: 6:00 PM

Round 7 Virtual Check-In: 6:15 PM

Round 7 Start Time: 6:30 PM