WKU Fall Tournament

2020 — NSDA Campus, KY/US


We will be using online coin flips in all divisions.  Here is the recommendation.  When pairings are blasted for elimination rounds, both teams should immediately head to the Zoom room to ask for disclosure and set up the email chain.   After 5 minutes, the coin flip will be blasted and teams will find out who has "won the online coin flip."  They will then login to tabroom.com and make their decision.  The team should select their side preference immediately as well as notify the other team of the side selection in case the tabroom system blast is delayed. If the team fails to make a decision within the 5 minutes allotted, the team that 'lost' the coin flip will get to decide.  


**9/14 Clarification**

The Invitation mistakenly used the wrong year for the topic. The 2020 WKU Fall Tournament will use the 20-21 NFA-LD topic:


Resolved: The United States federal government should implement immigration reform that removes substantial statutory restrictions on legal immigration into the United States.


The invitation will be updated to reflect the correct date.


**9/14 Clarification**


The WKU Debate tournament will use the NSDA Campus Platform on Saturday  (prelim debates) and a Zoom Room Model (ZRM) on Sunday (elim debates.)  


For the ZRM day, Zoom Meeting rooms with breakout spaces will be used.  Zoom meeting rooms will be private and sent to teams with students/judges in the elim debates.  Observers will be limited, and will be required to appropriately identify themselves.  Assuming consent of the parties involved, a select number of elim debates will be livestreamed to a tournament Youtube Page.  Livestream links will be posted to a google sheets and shared with the broader NFA LD Community.


What are the technology requirements?

NSDA Campus will require:

A computer with the Google Chrome web-browser or 

A phone with the Jitsi ios/android app


A tabroom account will be REQUIRED for every student and judge.


ZRM will require

A device that can access the internet 


What is the observer policy?

Prelim debates will not have observers.  Elim debates will have limited observers (coaches, teammates.)  Select elim debates will be livestreamed to youtube and publicly available for the community writ large to observe.  


Will teams have tournament provided squad rooms?

Yes!  Each registered school will have a tournament provided squad room accessible from tabroom.


Will the tournament include community spaces?

Yes!  NSDA Campus allows the tournament to create an unlimited number of utility spaces.  We plan to provide….



Novice - No debate experience (including High School)

JV - In your first two years of College Debate

Open - Any student eligible to debate


Lincoln-Douglas debate will follow the NFA-LD Debate rules (including both a warm room and the release of bracket prior to elimination rounds) and utilize the 2019-2020 NFA-LD debate topic. Speech times for LD will be the standard 6-3-7-3-6-6-3 with four minutes of prep time for each side. 



All debaters advancing to elimination rounds will be recognized. In the event that a full novice division does not make, a final round between the top non-advancing novice debaters will be held. Speaker awards will be given to the Top Novice speaker and to the 15 speakers in the open divisions of LD. Sweepstakes awards will be given to the top 3 schools participating in debate.