GBS JVNovice Opener

2020 — Online, IL/US

Welcome to the GBS JV/Novice opener! We will, for obvious reasons, be conducting the tournament online this year through 



FOR TECH/CLASSROOM.CLOUD HELP DURING THE TOURNAMENT: There will be a form on the Classrooms.Cloud site to fill out - Please fill that out if you run into any issues.

SCHEDULE - JV/Novice Policy

8:15 pairings 

8:30 please check into your rooms

9:00 AM - Round 1 starts

11:15 pairings

11:30 please check into your rooms

12:00 - Round 2 starts

2:15 - Round 3 pairings

2:30 - please check into your rooms

3:00 - Round 3 starts



9:30 AM - Chambers released on Tabroom, please check into your rooms

10:00 - 12:30 Session one (length of time may be adjusted based on entries)

12:30 - break for lunch (please check into your rooms before going to eat) 

1:00 - 3:30 Session two (length of time may be adjusted based on entries)

Awards immediately following

 TECH TIME: We need to set an upper limit for how much technology error (Zoom disconnections etc) happen. Therefore, each team will receive 8 minutes of preparation time and 10 minutes of tech time. During the 10 minutes of tech time, a team may try to resolve technological issues. NO PREP may occur during those 10 minutes. If a team is not able to resolve their technological issues during the 10 minutes of tech time, that team must forfeit. 

Entry fees are $25/policy team (to cover the cost of the service and trophies.) If the money is an issue, please let Alyssa know ( and we can figure something out. Additionally, if your school is a member of a UDL your fees will be waived automatically. 

 For the tournament, we will be 

No entry fees for Congress for folks who are in our Congressional consortium - if you are not part of that consortium but would like to enter Congress folks please email Alyssa (


*You must either opt in or opt out of the packet by 8/17. YOU MUST FILL OUT THIS GOOGLE FORM REGARDING WHETHER OR NOT YOU ARE USING THE PACKET: 
*In a debate that is packet team vs packet team, only packet cards may be read. 
*If you do not wish to use the packet (available soon), you may opt out. In that case, you must disclose your aff and neg arguments by 9/17. 
*If you wish to add supplemental arguments for your team against non packet teams, you must do that by 9/20. 


*For now, we are limiting entries to only IL schools. That may change based on numbers. Entries will be waitlisted automatically to ensure IL schools only for now*


*Resource for online tournaments/how to with - (thanks to the University of Kentucky)