ACTAA Junior High Invitational October

2020 — Online, AR/US

ACTAA Junior High Regional October

Dear Coaches and Competitors,


We are excited to invite you to the 1st Junior High Arkansas Regional Competition of the 2020-2021 Season which will be hosted with NSDA Campus Friday, October 9th and Saturday, October 10th  


The tournament will be hosted utilizing NSDA Campus. Please read more about this platform here:


The following events will be offered at this regional -



Congressional Debate (Live)

Lincoln Douglas Debate (Live)



Humorous Interpretation

Dramatic Interpretation 

Original Oratory

Informative Speaking 

Program of Oral Interpretation 




Extemp (Live)

Impromptu (Live)


Please refer to the rest of the invitation to answer specific questions about this competition. If you have any questions about this invitation, please contact the host committee. 


We wish to see you all virtually in October. 




Tiffany Tucker - ACTAA Junior High Representative (Cabot Junior High South)

Julie Rine (Grimsley Junior High)

Laurie Harrison (Fullbright Junior High)

Ben Brockington (Cabot Junior High North)

Rebecca Greenway (Washington Junior High)

Robert Fitzgerald (Central Junior High)

Dariane Mull (Pinnacle View Middle School)

Johnny Passmore (Conway Junior High)

Rachel Mauchline (Cabot Junior High North and South)