Athens Mount Pleasant Murder Hornet TFA NIETOC Swing

2020 —, TX/US

Athens High School & Mount Pleasant High School

The Murder Hornet Swing


Dear Colleagues:


Athens High School and Mount Pleasant High School would like to invite you to the Athens Mount Pleasant Murder Hornet Swing to be held virtually. We are a TFA IQT and NIETOC Qualifying tournament. The tournament will be held on November 12th, 13th, and 14th.


NIETOC SWING: Both halves of the Murder Hornet Swing are NIETOC qualifiers. Make sure you are entering students into both halves to maximize your NIETOC qualifying experience. 


DEADLINES:  Entries must be completed by Thursday, November 5th.  Drops for speech & debate events made after Tuesday, November 10th at 5:00 pm will result in the loss of your entry fee.  Drops made the day of the tournament will result in a $100.00 drop fee. 


CROSS ENTRIES: Please note that you are able to cross enter into as many asynchronous IE events as you want as well as being able to cross-enter in Congress and Extemp. However, if you are entered in a debate event you will not be able to enter into Congress or Extemp. 


JUDGING:  Each school will be required to provide judges. 

            CX Debate:  One judge per two teams or part thereof

            LD Debate:  One judge per two entries or part thereof

            PFD:  One Judge per two teams or part thereof

            Speaking Events:  One judge for each 6 entries or part thereof


***Please note the Asynchronous Speaking Schedule. This tournament will operate as close to a real tournament as possible meaning that you will receive a ballot for asynchronous rounds but you will need to watch the videos and judge it as quickly as possible as the rounds will only last two hours.


Questions???  Call Nicole Cornish at school:  903-677-6920 or cell: 903-570-4949 or email or Kinsey Martin at school: 903-677-6231 or cell: 903-449-2281 or email or Cody Morris email: