Santa Clara Debate Online Summer Workshop

2020 — Online, CA/US

SC Debate Forum's Digital 

2020 Preseason Workshop for High School and Middle Students

Wednesday, July 29 thru Sunday, August 2, 2020 9am-5pm
The SC Debate Forum will be hosting an online Debate Workshop on Wednesday July 29- Sunday August 2 during the day.
The Workshops offers high school and middle school debaters a chance to work and learn in a supportive online setting in an advanced or novice track.  We are pleased to announce that we're offering instruction and preparation in novice and intermediate Lincoln-Douglas, Policy, Public Forum and Parliamentary formats of debate on both dates.
As in the past workshops, Mariel Cruz, (Notre Dame), Ryan Wallace (CSU East Bay), Rachael Wear (Claremont) along with debate alums from USC, Berkeley and Santa Clara, will contribute to the program along with members of the local debate teams. 
Classes will include lectures on the national topics, affirmative and negative strategies, topicality and stock issues, rebuttal strategies, and research techniques for all CHSSA/NSDA debate formats. The workshop emphasizes small group education through the use of debate labs led by an experienced debater to manage tournament preparation and research.
The workshop will also feature expert guest lectures on debate theory and announced debate topics (LD, PoFo and Policy).  The schedule will allow time for supervised practice rounds and ample research. Evidence sets and briefs on the national topic will be supplied to every workshop participant in those events with selected topics.  
We will pair partners for policy, parliamentary, and public forum debate based on requests and their level of competition. All our faculty that have either taught at our program before or actively coach debate programs.  College debaters will also be assisting to critique our debaters and will be judging the tournament competition along with former top debate alums.  Students do not need to have a designated or preferred partner for team events to participate in the workshop.
You can also register online at and locate “SC Debate Summer Workshop”.  Tabroom would require you create a personal account for your profile if you don't already have one.
Questions?ask via email to
Please respond by Monday, July 27
Summer Session Tournament, Sunday, August 2, 2020.
The finale of the program is a tournament online for Parliamentary, LD, Public Forum and Policy teams.  Students and teams not in the workshop are welcome to compete for a small registration fee.  
Trophies/medals are are presented to the top teams and speakers.  

A more complete schedule will be sent to you upon receipt of your registration.
SAMPLE 2020 Summer SCU Debate High School and Middle School Workshops
(Classes may be divided into intermediate/novice depending on enrollment. Debate formats may share some lectures but not topic discussions)
Day 1  
9:00am Orientation and Program Logistics
10:30 Fundamentals of Public Policy Options
10:30 Fundamentals of Value Debate
11:30 Intro to Debate Formats (Parliamentary/Policy/LD/Public Forum groups)
2:00 - 3:00 pm Debate Theory and Fundamentals
3:00 Demonstration Debates
5:00 Critique of Demo Rounds
Day 2
9:00 am   Lab Meetings (PF/LD/Policy)
10:00 Stock Negative Strategies
11:00 Generic Disadvantages
12:00 LUNCH
1:00 pm Economics and Competitive Debate
2:00 pm Case Construction and Design
3:00 pm Topicality and Procedural Arguments
4:00 pm Counterplans 
Day 3 and 4
9:00 Labs Meet (PF/LD/Policy)
10:00 Solvency and Fiat
11:00 Kritiks and Alternative Frameworks
1:30 Practice Rounds
2:30 Critique of Practice Rounds
3:30 Lab Meetings (PF/LD/Policy)
3:30 Parliamentary Practice Rounds
Workshop Tournament
9:00 Registration and Check In
                                 9:30 Round 1
                                 10:30 Round 2
                                 11:30 Break
                                 Noon. Round 3
                                 1:00 Round 4
                                 2:30. Elim 1
                                 3:30 Elim 2
                                 4:30 Elim 3
REGISTRATION for Summer Debate Workshops
Fill out form and return to or go to and find Summer Debate Workshop Session for online registration.

Address: ________________________________



Fall School:__________________________

Preferred Debate Style:                   

_____   Public Forum    
______ Parliamentary   
_____   Policy 
____     Lincoln Douglas
Age:  _______
Gender: ________
Years of debate complete (circle one) 0  1   2   3 or more
Parent or Guardian Name ___________________
Parent attending conference? Yes/no
_____ student(s) @ $200 =    $______
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