Novice Throwdown for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers

2020 — ONLINE, US



Hello all! We hope you are doing well during quarantine. The dates of the tournament will be 6/19-6/20 and registration closes on 6/19.

This tournament is designed for mainly novices in middle school and high school, (but also more experienced freshman) to have a competitive and educational experience.

Judges should preferably be juniors or older, but if you are really interested in judging as a sophomore then please let us know.

This tournament will be hosted on Discord. Once debaters and judges join the Discord link provided, stay tuned for results we will vote on the topic.

The events will be LD and PF; jan-feb for ld and feb for pf

Schedule is prelims on FRIDAY; elims on SATURDAY

PF & LD R1: 10 30 am pst    

PF & LD R2: 12 00 pm pst     

PF & LD R3: 1: 45 pm pst   

PF & LD R4: 3: 00 pm pst 

Elims schedule on saturday tbd

Hope you signup!

Here is the discord link, updated after scamming: