BCFL Wednesday Class Pro Con Challenge

2020 — Online, BC/CA

This is a practice tournament for students in BCFL only. We will have 3 rounds, and each round is 50 minutes. This is plenty of time to judge at most 3 students and give feedback as well.

In the Pro Con Challenge, students will present a 3-5 minute affirmative case and a 3-5 minute negative case on the National Tournament topic for PF. They will read both of those speeches within a recording limit of 10 minutes and 30 seconds. Students may take recorded “prep time” in between speeches to pull up files or take a short break, but the recording will stop them at 10 minutes and 30 seconds. Judges will evaluate the structure, arguments, evidence, and speaking abilities of each competitor and rank them against each other. The event's goal is to demonstrate that students have the ability to see multiple perspectives on an overall issue.


Round 1 - 6:00 ~ 6:50

Round 2 - 6:50 ~ 7:40

Round 3 - 7:40 ~ 8:30