The Democratized Debate MS Invitational

2020 — Online, US

Welcome to the Democratized Debate Middle School Invitational (formerly the OMS Invitational)!

As before, this tournament's proceeds will go to a charity (as of yet, undecided) of the tournament director's choice (likely relating to the debate community, allowing us to impact those in need of it in the debate society, making debate more easily accessible, or democratized)

We are tentatively planning to run the tournament through Slack (subject to change [see link on the page on the right]). 


This time around, we've made a few changes:

 - We've included speech events (double-entering is allowed and encouraged to allow competitors to experience both speech and debate)

 - We will be awarding prizes to the top performing competitors in each category, perhaps allowing them to make a contribution towards their favorite charity using some of the tournament's funds!

 - We will likely change from using Google Meets to some other platform and may not use Slack, so stay tuned, but do join the Slack while waiting for more info. 

 - We are doing 6 prelims in debate, spreading it out over three days 

 - The PF topic is now the topic being used for Nationals, allowing debaters to use this tournament as a warm up if they are participating in Middle School Nats!

 - We will likely award trophies!


In the event of any troubles/questions/concerns, please contact:

Arnav Garg (