KRL Policy Tournament

2020 — Online, US


After joining the server if you have any questions, DM one of the moderators or tag the moderator role to ask a question of a tournament organizer.

The only division offered is Policy. The tournament will be held entirely over discord for organizational reasons. Debaters from the same team can hit each other in prelims because most entries will not be using their usual school name. This hopefully will create friendly competition in the event it happens. It is recommended to link your account to your team code to receive pairings via text/email from the tabroom.

The KRL Policy Tournament has a zero tolerance policy for intimidation and harassment, acting inappropriately will result in a server ban. If at any point in time you feel uncomfortable or feel violated, DM a moderator to join the debate’s call and handle the situation or end the round/change judges/change pairings.

Spectators are welcome and encouraged but if caught cheating will be banned from the server immediately.

Forfeiture Policy The KRL Policy Tournament will be using a 20 minute forfeiture rule, if a team is 20 minutes late to their round or experience technical issues longer than 20 minutes they will forfeit the round. Additionally, communication for prep with members other than your partner will result in round forfeiture. Disclosure Policy Refusal to disclose the affirmative cites plan text or advocacy as well as previous 2NRs and/or a wiki link will prevent the ability to compete for non-compliant competitors. Under the tournament heading of the KRL Policy Tournament Discord there is a section titled Disclosure, here you will find a link to a google doc where you can put your wiki link or properly disclose in the aff/neg columns.