WIN Debate

2020 — Online, US

Online non-cismen LD debate tournament run by Debate. Any gender minority is welcome to compete and judging will be provided by Debate mentors and other gender minority judges. 


The tournament will be on the JanFeb LD Topic: States ought to eliminate their nuclear arsenals. 


Registration is now open. When registering, please enter your school name as either a fake school name or your own name unless you have your school’s permission to use their name.  


The tournament will be run on Discord. Link:


The tournament will be 3 days and aims to have 6 prelims and break to either octos or quarters depending on the number of entries. Here is a rough schedule:


6:00 est, Round One, Double Flighted 

8:30 est, Round Two, Double Flighted



11:00 est, Round Three, Double Flighted 

1:30 est, Round Four, Double Flighted 

4:00 est, Round Five, DoubleFlighted 

6:30 est, Round Six, Double Flighted



11:00 est, Octos, Double Flighted 

1:30 est, Quarters, Single Flighted 

3:00 est, Semis, Single Flighted 

4:30 est, Finals



Contact Debate if you have any questions.



Facebook page: