International online debate comp The Cosmos Championship

2021 —, US

Hello and welcome to the tabroom page of the Cosmos Championship!

Public Forum, American Parliamentary, and World Schools style (very similar to Public Debate) on an international and intercontinental scale!


The Cosmos Championship focuses on giving students the opportunity to practice debating on an international and intercontinental scale, allowing them to engage with arguments from a global perspective, make worldwide connections, possibly learn a new style of debate, and, well, debate other students who live thousands of miles away; something only the best or wealthiest debaters would normally have the chance to do, ALL FOR FREE.


How is this competition unique?

Essentially, what our organising team has done is create the intercontinental leagues by splitting the globe into four taking into account timezones and "internationality". This results in each league encompassing countries and cities from between 2-3 continents, guaranteeing your competition to be truly international. Find out more about the leagues here.

On top of that, we created the international leagues to allow students to practice more local formats of debate and face off against a different pool of international competition, granting a greater range of debate and variation!


When is it?

Unlike other tournaments which are held on one day and if you miss it, too bad, the leagues of the Cosmos Championship have a debate every fortnight, with the international leagues being one week out of sync in order to provide the opportunity to debate every week. This means that this competition provides a massive opportunity for students to not only engage with the competition but to spend time debating in general. And on top of that, due to the sheer amount of debating opportunity we provide, you can miss rounds or enter late and still be in the running to win your league as this competition streams competitors according to skill level rather than knocking competitors out. If your team can't debate for a bit, just let us know and you'll be back to debating against international competitors when you can.


Style of debate

Wait a moment, what was that thing about "possibly learning a new style of debate"? Yes, one of the debate formats used in this competition is world schools debating format in order to put every country on a fairer playing ground when looking at an intercontinental scale. Our organising committee completely understands how this may be a turn off for some debaters. However, in truth, this competition is the perfect opportunity to learn how to do a new, and very common, style of debate used all around the world, in a low-pressure environment. There are also some fantastic resources to learn how the format works, we've linked a few here (Playlist by NSDA covering the general purpose of each speaker and the overall format) and here (A more in-depth write up covering the same things but with more information with a further reading option), plus there are plenty of debates on youtube from world championships which can showcase the format pretty well.

However, even if WSDC isn't your cup of tea, we have plenty of other formats for you to compete in such as Public Forum and Parliamentary! Find out more about them here.


How do I sign up?

Ok, so this competition sounds amazing and truly unique... where do I sign up? As this competition is made to accommodate any debater from all across the world, we are unable to use tabroom as the main platform for the competition as many countries have never used or even heard of tabroom. Instead, we have created to be the centre hub for the Cosmos Championship. This is the place to go if you want to enter as a competitor or as an adjudicator or want to learn more about the competition and how it works. To sign up, become a member and then have your team captain enter into the league(s) you would like to debate in. 

When you sign up you will be placed in a team for the season if you do not have a full team (you can change/leave teams if you want and when applying you can choose who to be with).


Age groups
While this competition is currently targeting students falling between the ages 13-19 (high school essentially) with a junior and senior age group. 


If any co-ordinators of speech or debating clubs/organisations happen to be reading this, we would love to work with you! Feel free to contact us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Got any questions, queries, comments or suggestions on how to improve the Cosmos Championship? Please contact us at and we'll try to give you an answer as soon as possible!