Online University of Pennsylvania World Schools Tournament

2020 — Online, US

Welcome to the inaugural online UPenn World Schools tournament! The format of our tournament is tentatively as follows: Zoom will be used for general body announcements and Zoom/Google Hangouts will be used for individual rounds (depending on size of teams). Zoom will likely be used for outrounds as well to allow more participants to spectate. Please direct any questions to and we will be happy to answer your query. You can also contact our Tournament Director (Kasra Khadem) directly at or our President (Shreyoshi Das) at

If bringing judges, please register them at this link in addition to entering them on Tabroom:

A full logistics guide with technology instructions and tournament proceedings can be found here. All participants MUST read this guide in full before the tournament:

The prepared motions for our tournament are as follows! 

Round 1: THW require corporate boards to allocate a substantial number of board seats to representatives of the employees of the company

Round 3: THW allow civil lawsuits against religious leaders/organisations for damages caused by adherence to the religion (e.g. rejecting medical treatment according to doctrine)

Round 5: THBT it is in the interest of the US to adopt a heavily non interventionist military policy (e.g. significantly reducing expenditure on the military, committing to not using its military except in self defense, shutting down drone strikes programs)

Quarters: As social justice movements, THW also embrace violent wings within movements.

Finals: TH prefers a world in which the USA was founded as a parliamentary democracy