Speech and Debate ALL Event Tournament

2020 — Online, US

WELCOME TO THE FIRST EVER Speech and debate all event TOURNAMENT!

Welcome! This tournament is for anyone and everyone! Debate, Congress, IE's; you want it, we got it. No entry fee, just register! If you haven't already, join the Discord server using the link below, so you can stay updated on tournament changes and announcements in real time. The schedule will be released later this week. 


Signup notes: To signup, your account has to be linked with a coach. If you clink your email name at the very top of the Tabroom webpage, you'll see your Tab account homepage. Scroll to the bottom, and on the right is a link to "Create a new school/team." Complete that process and put yourself as the coach, and you can register for this Tournament.


For Judges: Please specify the type of debate you'd like to judge in the notes/comments section of your registration.


For All: The Tournament will be Friday, April 10th - Saturday April 11th. 


For Debate: flights will be decided closer to the beginning of the tournament once we get a complete list of judges available. If you're doing Parli, don't double enter in debate


For IE's: more info will be posted by Jocelyn.


Link to the Discord server where the tournament will be held: https://discord.gg/yH5YmNE