LD Online Smackdown

2020 — Online, LA/US

Welcome to the 2020 LD Online Smackdown!

As you may have figured, this tournament was developed to give debaters one last opportunity to debate in the midst of coronacation, and in lieu of the fact that many state and national qualifying tournaments have been cancelled.

As the name suggests, all debates will be held online via Skype call set up by the judge (or whatever method I end up deciding is best. I'm open to suggestions, so email me if you have a better idea). Accordingly, if your opponent asks you to disclose, you must comply. There are no exceptions to this rule. 

Competitors should be prepared to judge rounds that they are not competing in, so be prepared for that.

Note also that I am a student and that, as you might guess, this is my first time running a tournament. Have patience with tabroom updates. I will try to communicate sooner rather than later.

*ALSO* I've been getting a lot of questions about what the topic for the tournament is. It will be the March/April NSDA Topic, Resolved: Predictive Policing is Unjust. 





Friday, 3/27

Rd. 1-- 3:00PM

Rd. 2-- 5:30PM


Saturday, 3/28

Rd. 3-- 10:00AM

Rd. 4-- 11:30AM

Lunch Break-- 1:00PM

Semis-- 1:30PM

Finals-- 3:00PM