JVNovice Online Championships

2020 — Zoom, CA/US

Welcome to the 2020 JV/Novice Online Championships! It will be held using Zoom on March 28-29, 2020. 


below are instructions and other info for tomorrow's tournament. 



Parings will come out at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow. This is the time all participants will receive a Zoom meeting invite.  Each style of debate (LD, Policy, PF) will have their separate Zoom meeting invite.  Approx. 8:45 we will have a few announcements via the meeting (this will give people 15 min. to get online and deal with connectivity issues).  After the announcement, participant will be assigned their "rooms"/break out session.  This will be controlled by tab thus no one can just jump from room to room. If coaches or other observers would like to watch a debates, please request permission from tab.  Please be in your "room" at lest 10 minutes prior to the debate starting so you can test sound, video, etc.  

During the debate:  All participants should keep their video on at all times. Additionally on Zoom, please use your actual name. This is to ensure the correct people are placed in the correct debates. Participants will have the ability to mute their video when necessary.  Although this is online and most will be at home, treat the event as if you were at Damien High School.  For example, if a restroom break is needed, please ask the judge.  

Judges:  Please do not hit "start round" on tabroom.com until all participants are ready for the debate to begin.Please be patient to debaters considering this may be the first time for most if not all of us participating in an online debate tournament.  Like debaters please act as if you were at Damien High School judging.  Please wear appropriate clothing, and self monitor your behavior.  You will have a ballot and fill out the ballot as you would at any tournament.  Please disclose your decision.  Provide debaters with time to ask questions about the debate after the round.  If you are uncomfortable answering questions/disclosing your decision. then please type out a well detailed ballot.  Debaters, if you have a judge that does not disclose, feel free to contact the tabroom and we will let you know the decision. 

Decorum:  This style of debate could cause a number of different shenanigans. I ask and expect everyone to behave professionally.  I understand that most if not all of us have been stuck inside for 1 to 2 weeks  now, but that is not an excuse to act inappropriately.  If debaters, judges and/or coaches act inappropriately please let me know and I will take care of it. 

Recording the debate: As I have said above please act as if this is a debate at Damien High School.  If you would like to record the debate, please get permission from the participants before doing so.  We will not be recording debates so it is up to participant decisions to do so.  If a participant records a debate without permission then that person/team may be subject to being taken out of the tournament. 

Connectivity issues:  Wifi issues will inevitably happen.  If possible I suggest that you use an Ethernet cord. Please be patient with debaters and wifi issues.  It may be possible that a speech may need to be stopped because of wifi glitches.  If these happen role with the punches. I care more about providing a worthwhile experience for our participants and running on time; however, if there is a significant cut off Over 10 minutes, please contact tab and we will make a decision on what to do.  

For any issues please e-mail me at peters@damien-hs.edu or call/text 765-729-1280.  

Tomorrow morning at our opening meeting you will have an opportunity to ask questions because I am sure I forgot something. I will also post this information on tabroom.com