The Edina Online Speech and Debate Tournament

2020 — Edina, MN/US





We are aiming to host an extended format speech and debate tournament for this spring season due to encouraged social isolation and tournament cancellations around the country. We will be adapting the tournament model of the Michigan Interscholastic Forensic Association's online tournament. MIFA has used their model for three years with success and we believe this adaptation of their format will provide more feasible ways to participate at a much lower cost. This event will take place over the course of ~2 weeks. Scheduling variances will be allowed for and worked around.


Important notes:

1) All registrations are currently wait-listed. 

2) There will likely be necessary documentation to be submitted by a coach, teacher or school administrator for participation.

3) Formats will be slightly modified to reflect upload time. This will impact debate events and Extemp Speaking the most. Extemp will utilize a 50 minute upload time vs a 30 minute speech time. Debate format modifications are TBD.


Huge thanks to the many folks that are helping to bring this event to fruition!

Hayden Uihlein
Director of Forensics, Edina HS