Speak Out

2020 — Santa Monica, CA/US
New Roads' Speak Out! event is for high school students.
Speak Out! is a 2-day training program that will empower high school students to use their immense talent to make positive change in our world. SPEAK OUT! young women will learn how to run for political office and all Speak Out! participants will learn how to engage elected officials through political organizing.

Our Faculty

Running Start, a Washington, DC-based nonprofit, will offer nonpartisan training for young women participating in SPEAK OUT! on how to run for student government and political office.

KATHERINE MADER, former Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, has confirmed her attendance for the interview panel facilitated by Running Start.

Eric Mann, a veteran of the Congress of Racial Equality and Students for a Democratic Society, will inspire SPEAK OUT! participants to make a commitment to a lifetime of social justice organizing and will share ideological, strategic, and tactical exercises needed to lobby elected officials to be social justice champions.
Our Faculty

Fee waivers are available to those with need.