Newton LAst Chance

2020 — Newton, KS/US

Welcome to the Newton Last Chance qualifier.

March 26th 2020

Register 230 pm to 315 pm

School gets out at 310. If you get here before check into office to get a visitor pass.

RD 1 draw 315 pm

Rd 1 330 pm

Rd 2 draw 445 pm

Rd 2 5 pm-6:25 pm

Finals Draw 645 pm

Finals Start 7 pm

Awards grab and go asap.

NO SWEEP awards

Medals for top 6

REMINDER YOU MUST BRING 1 JUDGE FOR each 6 entries or part there of.

IF YOU SIGN UP KIDS YOU OWE THE JUDGES>>>> Drops the day of do not prevent you from owing the judge. IF YOU SHOW UP WITH KIDS AND NO JUDGES...YOU OWE THE FEES FOR THE ENTREES and A MISSING JUDGE FEE of $30.00 and you must drop kids until you have enough judges to cover. EASY FIX....sign up and plan to bring your judges or don't sign up.

YOU may enter as many kids as you want. Just pay and cover judges with your people. I AM NOT PROVIDING ANY JUDGES FOR THIS MEET. THE COACHES ATTENDING BRING THE JUDGES>

Students can only enter in events they have not qualified to state in already.

Students may enter as many events as they wish but if they are late to a round they will get last in that round. ROUND TIMES NOT EXTENDED FOR ANY REASON. 


Extemp draw is in Room 4-131

Lounge if we have one will be 1-133

Tabroom my room 2-198

Ballot room copy room area 2 (near 2-198)

NO IDA offered

NO INFO 7 (combined with info 10)

NO DUET (combined with duo interp)


Please create tabroom accounts for your judges( or have them do it) to make it easier to communicate with them during the tournament