Carmel Valley Round Robin

2020 — Online, US

Online debate tourney with good judging. Free of charge to enter. February PF topic. Prelims will have 2-panel judging. We will break to quarterfinals based on ballots. More experienced teams are preferred. You can debate with your coaches. We don't have that many judges at the moment so please join the discord/message me on facebook (Iain Law) if you want to register.

Will be held on discord: 

Schedule (All times are PST): 


4pm - 5:30pm Round 1

6pm - 7:30pm Round 2



1pm - 3:30pm Round 3

4pm - 5:30pm Round 4

6pm - 7:30pm Round 5



1pm - 3:30pm Partial Quarterfinals

4pm - 5:30pm Semifinals

6pm - 7:30pm Finals