Holy Family Invitational

2020 — Broomfield, CO/US



You are invited to an intimate speech and debate tournament at Holy Family High School on February 15. This is our first invitational tournament and we have fewer than two weeks to pull it off. Join us! 


Holy Family is also hosting a regional wrestling tournament on the 15th, so our building is limited to the “old” wing. We have 30 rooms. As a result, I must limit event entries to four. As schools join in, I may be able to offer their unused slots to other schools.


Doubling: Debaters may not enter more than one event. Speech competitors may double at your discretion.


Flight A: Original Oratory, Program Oral Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Extemporaneous Speaking (combined, but will have International and US topics from which to choose.)


Flight B: Humorous Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Poetry Interpretation, Informative Speaking


Debate: Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum (Sorry, no room for CX. You may be able to persuade me. Show off those persuasive skills, folks!)


Registration can be found at http://holyfamily.tabroom.com

Let’s give everyone until the 12th to get their lists in. Drops after that will be a $20.00 fine. Sorry if you think that’s mean; the world is a cruel place. 



Flight Purple (OO, POI, DUO, Extemp)

Flight Gold (HI, DI, Poe, Info)

Debate (PF, LD)

7:45 Extemp Draw

8:00 Round 1 Purple

9:30 Round 1 Gold

8:00 Round 1 Debate

11:00 Round 2 Purple

12:30 Round 2 Gold

10:30 Round 2 Debate

2:00 Round 3 Purple

3:30 Round 3 Gold

1:00 Round 3 Debate

4:00 Purple Finals

5:00 Gold Finals

3:30 Debate Finals

6:30 Awards



  • $10 for students in speech events, including LD Debate

  • $20 for teams in PF and Duo


Please make checks payable to “Holy Family High School” IMPORTANT: Please send checks to 5195 West 144th Avenue, Broomfield CO, 80020 marked “Holy Family Speech and Debate”, that would be mahvelous.


Judging: We need your judges. We love your judges. We will feed your judges. We will pay your judges. With this being the smallest of tournaments, I want to say bring a judge for every four entries. There will be no draconian fees imposed on your team if you don’t. But no judges = no awards at 6:30. Part of the impetus of this tournament is that we would like the tournament to run in a timely manner. Let’s all be friends and get some judges here. Cool? 


We’ll pay judges $10.00 a round. Whoo!


Lisa will be away during the tournament, so you have to come to me, Igor. I mean, Seth. E-mail me, call me, text me. More news to follow.... Stay tuned.