WIAA D2 Congressional Runoff

2020 — Seattle, WA/US

Important Logistics:

The tournament will be held at SAAS from 4:00 until approximately 8:00. I have arranged to host the event on Wednesday 2/12 which was the most preferred date by coaches (4 of 8 were ok with Monday, 3 of 8 were ok with Tuesday, 5 of 8 were ok with Wednesday).

Free parking is available. Seeing as this is a small event, it is unlikely you will use a school bus for transportation, but please let me know if you plan to so we can prepare accordingly.

The rules specify that the runoff will be adjudicated by neutral parties. I will work to procure these judges. To pay for these judges, the rules allow me to collect a small fee from each entrant. Please bring $20 for each entry. Invoices are available on the Tabroom site.

We will use the Spring Super Congress legislation only as voted by the runoff coaches.

The rules guarantee a number of speeches for each entrant. Runoff coaches voted to guarantee two speeches for each student and coaches also voted that in general this is the maximum number of speeches permitted to students.

We will use the WSFA process for setting the docket. It will occur at the start of the session. We will follow state rules whenever possible. Notable exceptions are those explicitly required by runoff rules. Please note that while computers are allowed, internet use is not.

SAAS Debate will provide a light dinner, coffee, and cocoa for coaches, judges, and students. We are happy to host you, and we would like this to be a pleasant experience for all involved.


Thank you so much for all of your understanding in preparing for this event. I look forward to seeing you all, and I appreciate all of your efforts this year.