Eau Claire North Forensics Tournament Steve Sparks Memorial

2020 — Eau Claire, WI/US

We are excited to invite you and your students to celebrate Valentine’s week by participating in the thirteenth annual Steve Sparks Memorial Forensics Tournament at Eau Claire North High School on Saturday, February 8, 2020. This tournament is both WFCA and WHSFA friendly, and students may double or triple enter. Our Valentine's theme is a reflection of our love for our students, the activity of forensics, and all our dear friends involved and especially for the memory of Steve Sparks.

We will be handing out LOTS of awards!!! There will be awards for all finalists, qualitative sweepstakes awards for the top two small teams (5 – 20 entries), and sweepstakes awards for the top three large teams, based on the top 25 entries from each school.

Continuing this year, we are excited to offer the following additional awards:

  • Best Double-Entry: Top 3 (based on prelim totals)

  • Best Novice Entry: Top 3 (based on prelim totals – will use best category if

    double entered)

    The entry fee will be $8.00 per entry and $12.00 per group. Please bring one judge for every 5 entries with a maximum of 5 affiliated (non-clean) judges per school (contact us for possible exceptions for affiliated judges). Hired judges will be available for $15.00 per uncovered entry.

    The deadline for registration will be at 5 pm Saturday, February 1. Drops after this time will not reduce your fees nor reduce your judging requirements. Checks are payable to: North High School.

Please download the invitation to have full information about the schedule, rules, and computer preparation for Radio Announcing.

Feel free to call us if you have questions.


Krisany Blount
Head Coach 715-271-3245 kblount@ecasd.us

Assistant Coaches:
Scott Peterson
608-345-4556 scott.forensics@gmail.com (tournament entries/scheduling)

Chloe Ackerman

Chelsea Ennen

Max Haslow