Region 12

2020 — Castle Dale, UT/US

Our 2020 Region 12 Speech & Debate Tournament will be held on Saturday, 2/29, at Emery High School.


Revised Single-Flight Schedule

8:00-9:30 Debate Round 1 8:30-11:30 Congress

9:30-11:00 Debate Round 2

11:00-12:30 Debate Round 3

1:00-2:15 Speech Round 1

2:15-3:30 Speech Round 2

3:30-4:45 Speech Round 3



As you finalize judges, please make sure they are set up with a account BEFORE the tournament, and bring an electronic device with them. This is fairly simple and will help everything move more smoothly on the morning of the tournament.

**Change from last email**We have decided to let Policy students double enter. They will not be allowed to double enter at State; however, the schedule will allow them to double enter at Region. That way if they don't qualify for state in Policy, they may have the chance of qualifying in another event. This is great news, but both coaches and students must understand that IF the student qualifies in two events, he/she will need to choose one or the other for State. Students may not double enter in Policy and another event at State.


Please remember that we will be using March topics.

Public Forum-Resolved: The United States should increase its use of nuclear energy for commercial energy production.

Lincoln-Douglas-Resolved: Predictive policing is unjust.

Extemp topics will be coming from NFHS and NSDA topics. Please see Moses Baca's emails for the NFHS Extemp files attachment.

The Student Congress Docket is attached to this email. Bills have come from the January NSDA docket and 2 from the UDCA October docket. We have chosen to run this docket because it is the same docket that will be used at State in March. NSDA bills will be posted in PDF form on tabroom very soon. We will be running the Congress session like a normal three hour session with a new chair each hour. Students can motion for a break when they see fit.


We WILL be using internet at Region. Judges and coaches will be set up on one WiFi, and students will have access to the student WiFi. Please remind your students that they can use the internet to correspond with their partner in round(PF and Policy) and research, but they may NOT correspond with coaches, parents, or anyone other than their partner during the debate.


I am diligently working to get food set up for Region. We will have snacks and drinks set up in a judges lounge and will provide lunch for judges and coaches. If you or your judges have dietary restrictions, please let me know ASAP. Concessions will also be available for students to purchase in the cafeteria.


I hope I have covered everything. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! We look forward to having you here.




Katherine DeBry