IHSSA State Debate

2020 — Ankeny, IA/US
Update 1/15 at 3:30 p.m.
By IHSSA Board directive, the IHSSA State Debate Tournament will be canceled this coming weekend due to the impending weather forecast and number of schools that cannot travel due to those weather conditions. Our priority is always student safety. The tournament will not be rescheduled this year. Our hope is that this earlier notice allows you to adjust travel plans and contact hotels about your reservations. We are disappointed about the cancellation, but we look forward to next year’s tournament! We highly encourage you to participate in your NSDA district tournament competition or the IFL state tournament held later this year:
IFL State is 3/5-3/7. 
West Iowa speech and debate will be held 2/14-2/16, and Congress will be 3/21-3/22. 
East Iowa speech and debate will be 2/14-2/16, and Congress will be 2/22-2/23. 
I am happy to help get you registered for a district tournament or answer any questions you have about these competitions. 
We appreciate your patience, understanding, and ongoing support of the IHSSA. We look forward to hosting you at next year’s state competition!