FredFest Ugly Tie Invitational at Frederick

2019 — Frederick, CO/US

THANK YOU, everyone, for your patience as we experience the challenges and growing pains of using new software! If you encounter any problems (like not seeing the invite — whoops!) I’ll tackle them ASAP.

We’re really looking forward to having you join us!


FredFest Ugly Tie Invitational is open to schools interested in following the Festival line-up of events, with the addition of Congress and FredFlash Debate. Schools MUST supply judges, one for every six event entries, and one for every TWO debate entries.

As you can see, I'll be running FredFest on Tabroom. I've done a bunch of testing and tweaking, and I really hope that I've figured out the Tabroom hang ups.


At this time students MAY double enter within waves, but is only recommended for Events and Congress. No doubling within Wave A draw events (CST, Extemp, Value) or within B Wave debate events. I'm pushing a tight schedule, so students registered in an A Wave draw -and- a B Wave debate need to be aware that their prep times may be limited.

This will be our first "big" meet, and the entry limits are lower to begin with, while I'm gauging the amount of rooms we need. Based on entries at the beginning of December, I may raise/lower event caps. Register ASAP to ensure your students get a spot! 

Please read the full invitation here on Tabroom for more details.